Mallory & Stephan || Engaged

I met Mallory through a mutual friend & after a glass of wine (okay, a few glasses) it was as if we had known each other a while. The first time I heard of Stephan he was referred to as "Boyfriend". I honestly didn't even know his name for a while due to this nickname that will probably never leave. When they announced I was over the moon happy for them & then they asked me to be their photographer it made it that much better.

These two are so in love & are not afraid to be themselves with each other. THAT makes a world of difference when working with a couple. They can be silly, romantic, & serious without awkwardness or hesitation. Although Stephan looks like a tough guy, Mallory knows how to bring out the teddy bear in him. In return Stephan knows how to make Mallory feel like he most beautiful woman in the world.