Love the Blur

This is the year I feel like my photography is going to take me on the most exciting adventures & hopefully you guys will join me on the journey. I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone & become more creative. 

First things first. Get rid of that mean little voice in my head that creates self doubt. You know the one...

"Your not good enough."

"You don't know what you are doing."

"Your work will never compare to so & so"

I am good enough. I do know what I am doing... if not, I will figure it out! I may not be the best or most creative but I know one thing, I am only comparing myself & my work to the yesterday me which means the today me is just a bit better. 

Now I can let the creative energy flow... 

The first technique I am learning is  called "freelensing". Freelensing is using your lens off camera & tilting/moving it a bit to create a tilt shift effect &/or macro photo. It is also known to produce beautiful light leaks. The cons of freelensing is that there is a risk of dropping your lens & you are opening up your camera's sensor to the elements. 

I originally  became inspired by freelensing when I stumbled upon it through some article a couple years ago. I loved that the photos were not perfect & they had more depth than your basic shot. I was hooked... well at least at admiring other photographers' photos. I instantly had in my head I could never do it. 

Well you know the saying.... New year, new me!

Here is my first freelensing experience...

It was HARD but once I got the hang of it I just couldn't stop. Every little movement I made changed the focus, light leak, & depth of the shot. I also realized that having a crazy 3 year old as a starter subject probably wasn't ideal.... cute but not ideal. I managed to get him somewhat still with Power Rangers on the TV which helped me focus on actually shooting.

Once he was really tired of me I immediately uploaded the images nervous to see how they turned out. I was surprise at what I got my first time. To me they were/are awesome. 

Now I am hooked on SHOOTING freelens instead of just admiring it. You can expect many more freelens photos being shared from this point forward.