Miller Wedding || 2016

To sum up Tausha & Wes in a few words won't be easy but I will attempt it.


They started their days in the same hotel but on opposite ends. They both shared the same emotions even though they were a building apart. The normal nerves & stress were no where to be seen but instead love, joy, & excitement filled both rooms. They surrounded themselves with a supportive & loving wedding party. It was the perfect start.

Instead of jumping into the hustle & bustle that is a typical wedding they spent their moments pre-ceremony together. After a tear filled first look & a couple's prayer, they had a quiet unity ceremony in the park. It was quiet, simple, & beautiful. 

They set the tone for the day before it even got started. The wedding was a lovely religious ceremony led by the sweetest man. The reception was full of yummy food, great dancing, & lots of laughter. The day ended just as it had started. It was a true celebration of Tausha & Wes becoming one.

They hired me to capture their wedding day memories but this is one of those weddings that I believe they gave me more than just the job.   

Mallory & Stephan || Engaged

I met Mallory through a mutual friend & after a glass of wine (okay, a few glasses) it was as if we had known each other a while. The first time I heard of Stephan he was referred to as "Boyfriend". I honestly didn't even know his name for a while due to this nickname that will probably never leave. When they announced I was over the moon happy for them & then they asked me to be their photographer it made it that much better.

These two are so in love & are not afraid to be themselves with each other. THAT makes a world of difference when working with a couple. They can be silly, romantic, & serious without awkwardness or hesitation. Although Stephan looks like a tough guy, Mallory knows how to bring out the teddy bear in him. In return Stephan knows how to make Mallory feel like he most beautiful woman in the world.


Gus & Kayleigh || Engaged

February is not a month most want to get outdoor photos done but Mother Nature was on our side & although it was chilly, it was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Mirabeau Park was the perfect fit for this outdoorsy couple giving us everything from trees, to the river, to a big open field to work with.

This is not my first time meeting or even working with Kayleigh & Gus. A couple years back Kyleigh was a bridesmaid in winery wedding & then again in her sister's wedding last year, which is where I met Gus for the first time. I immediately adored them as a couple at last year's wedding because they were so laid back & silly with each other. I could not wait to get them in front of my camera for a legit session, & let me tell you they did not disappoint! I actually fell over at one point from laughing which resulted in loosing my balance. Let's just say I had a few body aches the next day.

I am counting down the days I get to see these two tie the knot & celebrate their love. I am also EXTREMELY excited to see Kayleigh in a wedding dress looking stunning! 

It is hard to call my job "work" when you have such amazing, fun clients like these two.

Jake & Yessenia || Engaged

My first impression of Jake & Yessenia was that they are a very laid back, sweet couple & by the end of the session I got to see their silly side & found out how fun they are to be around. Newbies to pro photo sessions are normally unsure of themselves in front of the camera but these two quickly melted into the poses together & were naturals within minutes. I even captured Jake sneaking in the sweetest nose kisses. 


Jake & Yessenia headed out on a fishing trip with his parents but they were doing it at the least desirable time of the day when catching fish was not going to happen. They all knew this & there was even discussions of why they were going & talk of there would be no fish to be caught. It was a pointless trip... so they thought. Jake did have someone to help back up the trip after sharing his plans with his dad so the trip went on. Once they got to the location Jake popped the question & Yessenia obviously said YES! She wasn't the only one excited, Jake's mom was over the moon & quickly forgot about the pointless fishing trip.

(Get ready, I am going to get super cheesy.)

I guess you can say Jake got the "catch" of the day!

I can not wait to capture your July Wedding that I am sure will be filled with family, friends, happiness, and of course love.

Refer A Friend

So excited to announce the new Refer-A-Friend program. It is one of the many benefits for you all as a result from the revamp of Moose Mark Photography! (Find out more about that here: New Me, New MMP ) 

I can (& do) spend a pretty penny on advertising but I would rather use that money to give back to YOU! Word of mouth is the best form of flattery as well as the best form of advertisement so putting this together  has been on my mind for FOREVER! I have tried & failed at putting together a system in the past but I am happy to say this one is rock solid.

I wanted to make sure that everyone receives a THANK YOU no matter the size of the referral so I created 3 different gift certificates, which can be found below. Added bonus, when you refer 3 or more clients in a year you will be entered into an end of the year drawing for a FREE Lifestyle Plus session ($375 Value). 

Remind your friends & family to mention your name when they contact me so that you can get your "Thank You" when they book. I will also do my best to watch out when you guys tag friends as that is just as much as a referral as you talking to them about booking with me.

You guys are awesome. Seriously, the best! 

I can't wait to start filling these out & sending them your way.

Love the Blur

This is the year I feel like my photography is going to take me on the most exciting adventures & hopefully you guys will join me on the journey. I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone & become more creative. 

First things first. Get rid of that mean little voice in my head that creates self doubt. You know the one...

"Your not good enough."

"You don't know what you are doing."

"Your work will never compare to so & so"

I am good enough. I do know what I am doing... if not, I will figure it out! I may not be the best or most creative but I know one thing, I am only comparing myself & my work to the yesterday me which means the today me is just a bit better. 

Now I can let the creative energy flow... 

The first technique I am learning is  called "freelensing". Freelensing is using your lens off camera & tilting/moving it a bit to create a tilt shift effect &/or macro photo. It is also known to produce beautiful light leaks. The cons of freelensing is that there is a risk of dropping your lens & you are opening up your camera's sensor to the elements. 

I originally  became inspired by freelensing when I stumbled upon it through some article a couple years ago. I loved that the photos were not perfect & they had more depth than your basic shot. I was hooked... well at least at admiring other photographers' photos. I instantly had in my head I could never do it. 

Well you know the saying.... New year, new me!

Here is my first freelensing experience...

It was HARD but once I got the hang of it I just couldn't stop. Every little movement I made changed the focus, light leak, & depth of the shot. I also realized that having a crazy 3 year old as a starter subject probably wasn't ideal.... cute but not ideal. I managed to get him somewhat still with Power Rangers on the TV which helped me focus on actually shooting.

Once he was really tired of me I immediately uploaded the images nervous to see how they turned out. I was surprise at what I got my first time. To me they were/are awesome. 

Now I am hooked on SHOOTING freelens instead of just admiring it. You can expect many more freelens photos being shared from this point forward.